That's Pretty Deep

A blog of the amazing things that make up our world. Take a look around, be a little amazed, and enjoy :).

May 21st 2006: A duck was taken into the International Bird Rescue Research Centre for a broken wing. When x-rayed, people were VERY SUPRISED to find an alien face-like shape in the bird's body.

It turned out to be undigested food , but it sure gave many people a thrill.

Above is the image of a quadriplegic man named Matthew Nagle, who is playing Pong-using his mind. Nagle has something called a BrainGate Neural Interface in his cranium, allowing him to control the paddle (and a computer cursor) with just a thought. Those that are paralysed will now be able to surf the web, play a computer game, and much more. For more information on this extraordinary technology, CLICK HERE

Makes you feel good :)

Above is an image of the birth of a "Quark Star": a star made up of something scientists call quark matter. This material is so dense, that one teaspoon of quark matter is more than the mass of all the vehicles on Earth. The quark star is a type of exottic star. Seems pretty exotic to me.